Ortho Technology 2 Pack of Retainer Cases (Available in Various Color Options); for Retainers, Dentures, Mouth Guards. With Vent Holes and Write-on I.D. Area, Secure Snap Closure

Color: Aqua
Sale price$9.99


  • PORTABLE & SECURE: The compact and secure retainer case will ensure your retainer, mouthguard, or dentures are safe while stored and on the go. The case securely snaps shut and will remain securely fastened while traveling.
  • INCLUDES VENT HOLES: The vented holes in the retainer case prevent odors and maintain a dry, clean case.
  • I.D. AREA: Distinguish your case from others with the self-customizable I.D. area to list both the patient’s name and the doctor’s name.
  • VARIETY OF USES: The retainer case’s 1 ¼” depth fits most appliances, such as retainers, dentures, mouth guards, and other personal orthodontic accessories.
  • COLOR SELECTION: Available in 10 different colors, which are aqua, black, blue, clear, green, orange, pink, purple, red, and yellow.

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