Oral ProCare Cavity Protection Gel | Clinical Strength, Formulated with Stannous Fluoride, Fresh Mint Flavor | 4 oz.

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  • Clinical Strength Cavity Protection: Experience superior cavity protection with Oral ProCare Cavity Protection Gel, formulated with clinical strength and powered by stannous fluoride—a highly effective active ingredient in preventing dental caries.
  • Comprehensive Oral Health Benefits: Beyond cavity protection, this gel works diligently to prevent tooth sensitivity, plaque formation, and gingivitis, promoting healthier teeth and gums for superior oral health.
  • Advanced Anticavity Fluoride Treatment: Seamlessly integrating into your Oral Care Regimen, this gel provides superior protection against dental caries and fortifies teeth with early preventive measures. Embrace a proactive approach to oral health with this specialized fluoride treatment, ensuring cavity-free and healthy teeth.
  • Refreshing Fresh Mint Flavor: Experience the benefits of optimal oral health and enjoy fresher breath with Oral ProCare’s Cavity Protection Gel. The invigorating fresh mint flavor not only promotes oral health benefits but also provides a refreshing breath experience for users.
  • Trusted Oral Care Brand: Rely on the expertise of Oral ProCare, a trusted oral care brand known for dentist-recommended products designed for effective at-home oral hygiene.

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