MoliCare Premium Mobile Underwear, Medium, Case/56 (4/14s)

Sale price$46.05


Features Proprietary Curly Fiber reduces pH to the skin-friendly range of 4.5 to 5.5 The 3-layer absorbent core guides fluids quickly into its center locking in both urine and odors Dermatologically tested materials minimize the risk for allergic reactions

About this item

  • Disposable protective underwear for moderate to heavy incontinence that promote ACTIVE SKIN PROTECTION
  • Skin friendly pH 5.5 ensures maximum skin compatibility
  • The 3-layer absorbent core quickly acquires urine, keeps the skin dry, and provides superior leakage protection with high pad integrity
  • The highly elastic product supports body movements and is suitable also for very active users
  • Pull On with Tear Away Seams - Side opening

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