Integra Lifescience Medihoney Paste Dressing, 1.5 fl oz Tube, Applicator 31515

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  • A special type of honey indigenous to New Zealand is called Active Leptospermum (or Manuka) honey.
  • Active Leptospermum Honey has been shown to have several properties which assist in promoting an optimal healing environment.
  • It has a low pH and has been shown to help lower the overall wound pH, which is beneficial to chronic wounds.
  • The honey is also highly osmotic, which assists in debridement and keeping the wound bed clean.
  • Medihoney is indicated for use on lightly to moderately exuding wounds, or wounds that are difficult to manage due to their odd shape or placement on the body.
  • This non-toxic dressing can be used as a cornerstone for wound bed preparation and throughout all the phases of wound healing.

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