Henry Schein Sterile Tongue Depressor, 6-Inch Adult Size - Disposable, Splinter- Free Wood - Versatile for Medical, Arts, and Crafts- 10 Box/CA (100/Box) - Total 1000 Counts

Size: Pack of 1
Sale price$10.99


Experience dependable quality with Henry Schein Sterile Tongue Depressors, tailored to meet diverse needs in medical, artistic, and crafting applications. Crafted from splinter-free wood, these 6-inch tongue depressors ensure patient comfort and safety during medical examinations. Individually sterile-packed, they uphold strict hygiene standards, making them ideal for medical environments. Additionally, their versatile nature extends to arts and crafts projects, providing precise application and manipulation. With 100 depressors per box, 10 boxes, you're equipped for various tasks with peace of mind and reliability.

  • Adult-Sized Design: Each tongue depressor measures 6 inches in length, providing ample coverage and suitability for adult patients.
  • Disposable: Designed for single use, ensuring convenience and hygiene in medical settings without the need for sterilization.
  • Sterile Packaging: Individually sterile-packed to maintain cleanliness and uphold stringent medical standards.
  • Versatile Application: Apart from medical use, these tongue depressors find utility in various artistic and crafting endeavors, offering precise application and manipulation.
  • Splinter-Free Wood: Crafted from splinter-free wood, these tongue depressors prioritize patient comfort and safety during medical examinations.
  • Generous Quantity: Each box contains 1000 sterile tongue depressors, ensuring an adequate supply for medical procedures or creative projects.

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