Henry Schein Exam Table Paper Smooth White Smooth Disposable Paper Roll for Patient Protection

Paper SIze: 21 inches x 225 Feet
Sale price$56.99


Ensure patient comfort and hygiene with Henry Schein Exam Table Paper Smooth. This smooth, white paper roll is specifically designed for medical examination tables, providing a clean and comfortable surface for patients. With dimensions of 18 inches x 225 feet, each roll offers ample coverage and easy tear-off convenience. The disposable nature of this paper ensures hygienic practices and simplifies cleanup between patients, enhancing control measures. Ideal for medical offices, clinics, and healthcare facilities, this exam table paper is a reliable choice for maintaining patient protection and comfort during examinations. Each case contains12 rolls, ensuring an adequate supply for healthcare providers.

  • Smooth Surface: The exam table paper features a smooth texture, ensuring patient comfort during medical examinations without causing irritation.
  • White Color: Designed in a clean white color, this table paper enhances the appearance of medical facilities while providing a visually appealing surface for patients.
  • Disposable Design: Each roll of exam table paper is disposable, promoting hygiene

  • Patient Protection: This table paper serves as a protective barrier between patients and examination tables, safeguarding against potential exposure to dirt
  • Ample Coverage: With dimensions of 18 inches x 225 feet per roll, the paper offers generous coverage for standard-sized examination tables, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Convenient Packaging: Each case contains 12 rolls of exam table paper, providing healthcare facilities with a sufficient supply to meet their needs for patient protection and hygiene.
  • Easy Tear-Off: The perforated edges allow for easy tear-off, ensuring quick and hassle-free preparation of examination surfaces between patient visits.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various medical settings, including doctor's offices, clinics, hospitals, and healthcare facilities, this exam table paper is an essential accessory for maintaining cleanliness and patient comfort during examinations.

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