HALYARD FLUIDSHIELD 3 Disposable Procedure Mask, w/SO Soft Earloops, Fog-Free, Pleat-Style, Orange, 28797 (Box of 40)

Quantity: 1 Pack
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Choose the Mask That Fits the Task - HALYARD FLUIDSHIELD* Masks are designed to provide the maximum level of fluid resistance recognized by ASTM F2100-11.ASTM F2100-11: The Standard for Fluid-Resistant Protection - ASTM issues guidelines for performance of medical face masks, including a requirement for fluid resistance and particulate filtration. ASTM F2100-11 standards also call for mask packaging to be clearly labeled with the level of protection in one of three levels: 1, 2 or 3. This standard reinforces the importance of labeling to identify protection level, based on fluid resistance, filtration and breathability. This greatly simplifies the process of mask selection. ASTM F2100-11 is recognized by the FDA as the standard for medical face masks.


  • Meet the ASTM F2100-11 Level 3 standards
  • Pleat style with earloops
  • Constructed with a patented combination of materials to resist fluid penetration upon impact
  • Breathable film
  • Orange

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