Essentials Healthcare Products Nitrile Powder-Free Examination Gloves; Box of 200 Exam Gloves, Latex-Free, Periwinkle

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  • HIGH-QUALITY NITRILE MATERIAL: Essentials Gloves are crafted from nitrile, a premium material known for its exceptional strength and puncture resistance. This ensures that the gloves offer reliable protection against various hazards and potential punctures. The material is also soft and flexible, allowing for excellent dexterity and ease of movement. It conforms to the shape of your hands, providing a secure yet comfortable fit that enables you to perform intricate tasks with precision.
  • POWDER-FREE & LATEX-FREE: To cater to individuals with latex allergies or sensitivities, Essentials Nitrile Gloves are completely latex-free. This eliminates the risk of allergic reactions while still delivering the same level of protection as latex gloves. The gloves are also powder-free, reducing the likelihood of powder-related contamination or skin irritation. By being both latex-free and powder-free, these gloves ensure a safer and more comfortable experience for users.
  • VERSATILE & ADAPTABLE IN MANY ENVIRONMENTS: Essentials Nitrile Gloves are designed to meet the diverse hand protection needs across various industries. Whether you work in the healthcare industry, food service, laboratory, or other occupation that requires hand protection, these gloves are suitable for a wide range of applications. Their versatility and reliability make them an ideal choice for different work settings, providing secure and consistent protection regardless of the environment.
  • ENHANCED GRIP AND TACTILE SENSITIVITY: The textured surface of Essentials nitrile gloves enhances grip and tactile sensitivity, ensuring a secure hold on objects and promoting better control. This feature is particularly beneficial in tasks that involve handling slippery or delicate materials. By reducing the likelihood of accidental slips or spills, these gloves contribute to workplace safety and improve overall efficiency.
  • AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SIZES: Essentials Nitrile Gloves are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, catering to different hand sizes and ensuring a proper fit for every user. From small to extra-large, you can choose the size that best suits your needs. Proper sizing enhances comfort, dexterity, and overall performance while wearing Essentials gloves, maximizing user satisfaction and usability.
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