Dynarex Sharps Container - Biohazard Patient Room Needle Disposable - Puncture Resistant - One Handed Use - 5.4 Quart

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Dynarex Sharps Containers - Dynarex high quality containers are designed to be strong and lightweight. Containers for used medical needles and other sharp medical instruments.

Dynarex is committed to delivering products and services that meet and exceed customer expectations.

About this item

  • CONTAINERS for used medical needles and other sharp medical instruments, and includes a Permanent Locking feature for disposal. This will fit the BD locking bracket (#305447).
  • INCLUDES a mailbox style lid on the container features a rotating cylinder to drop in medical waste.
  • COMMONLY used by EMS personel; in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and doctors offices, etc.
  • FEATURES a red translucent color to help users easily identify fill levels, and the fill level is clearly marked on the label of the container; horizontal drop maximizes container volume.
  • DYNAREX was established in 1967, and has evolved into one of the healthcare industry's leading manufacturers of disposable medical products.

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