Dynarex DynaDerm Hydrocolloid Dressings, Sterile Moist Bandages Used for All Kinds of Wounds, 4" x 4", X-Thin & Latex-Free, Peel-Down Patches - 2 Boxes of 10 Dressings

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  • HYDROCOLLOID AGENT: Hydrocolloids are occlusive, waterproof dressings that create a protective patch over the wound, acting as a scab, and allowing the body to retain healing fluids. Due to the hydrocolloid agent, each bandage can last for several days.
  • OFFERS WOUND PROTECTION: Provides and preserves an ideal moisture level that makes for an enhanced healing environment as well as added protection via sterile insulation. Thanks to the applied bandage your body can heal with minimal disruptions.
  • VERSATILE PATCH: A unique design allows for easy application on tough spots. In addition, each hydrocolloid dressing can be cut for further customization unlike average bandaids and are perfect for acne, blemishes, burns, ulcers, cuts, and dermatitis.
  • HELPS TO REDUCE IRRITATION: DynaDerm Hydrocolloid Dressings reduces irritation and scratching since they don't stick to the wound or the infected area. That also makes for seamless changing and pain-free removing.
  • OPTIMAL DIMENSIONS AND QUALITY: Each bandage is 4x4 and x-thin, yet durable. Due to the convenient square design, the bandages cover all kinds of wounds, even a bed sore. They are a far more flexible and absorbent option when compared to regular gauze.

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