Dynarex Disposable Towel Drapes, Sterile, 18" x 26," for Medical & Surgical Use, Poly-Interlined Lining, Protect from Contaminants

Quantity: 1 Pack
Sale price$18.89


  • STERILE PROTECTIVE CLOTH: These Dynarex Disposable Towel Drapes are sterile and act as a protective barrier from moisture and contaminants. In addition, these drapes are 3 ply and have a poly-interlined lining which promotes absorbency.
  • USED IN MEDICAL SETTINGS: Every drape is solid plain and designed to cover an area of the body prior to performing surgical examinations. This type of cloth is used in any medical facility or veterinarian clinic where minor surgical procedures take place.
  • EASE OF APPLICATION: To best use these drapes, place the drape on the scrubbed area of the skin while only revealing the line of incision. Next, the second drape is to be placed in the same manner except on the lower side of the incision line.
  • CONVENIENTLY PACKAGED: These towel drapes are shipped in boxes of 50 with each individual drape being in its' own sterile pouch. This kind of packaging allows the disposable drapes to be easily moved pouch by pouch or box by box as needed.
  • HIGH QUALITY: The Dynarex Disposable Towel Drapes are made from a tissue/poly/tissue blend that encourages protection against contaminants while softly laying on the skin. Dynarex always provides Best in Class alternatives to other leading brands.

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