Dynarex Disposable Shoe Cover, Universal Size, Non-Conductive, have Sewn Seams with Elastic Opening and Fits Most Shoes, Blue, 1 Box of 150 pairs

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  • EASY AND CONVENIENT: Simply slide your foot, with shoes on, into the disposable shoe cover and make sure the sole is fully covered. Guide the elastic opening around the top of your shoe or boot for maximum coverage. Dispose of properly after use.
  • DUAL PROTECTION: Protect both your own footwear as well as rugs and hard-floor surfaces. Wearing shoe covers prevents dirt and dust from collecting on your shoes while preventing existing germs or contaminants from footwear to be transferred to your floor.
  • EXTRA-LARGE SIZING: Specially designed to fit extra-large size footwear including sneakers, shoes, and boots from small to large sizes. The elastic opening makes the shoe cover easy to slip over and close over many different shoe styles.
  • DISPOSABLE: Disposable shoe covers are perfect for use during home renovation projects, laboratory environments, and garage work. Switch into a new pair whenever necessary and simply throw away the soiled ones preventing hours of clean-up
  • NON-SKID & HIGH QUALITY: The Dynarex Disposable Shoe Covers are non-conductive have a non-skid tread for traction. Disposable blue shoe covers can be worn with hazmat suits. Dynarex provides Best in Class alternative to other leading brands.

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