Dynarex Cotton Balls, Non-Sterile and Large Sized, Latex-Free and Absorbent, For Skin Cleansing, Crafts, & as Makeup Remover

Quantity: 1 Pack
Sale price$14.37


  • SOFT AND ABSORBENT COTTON: The Dynarex Cotton Balls are made from 100 percent pure cotton which increases its absorbency and provides comfort. In addition, these cotton balls are latex-free and hypoallergenic which is great for people with sensitive skin.
  • USED BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: These large cotton balls are used by healthcare professionals to stop or prevent bleeding from minor punctures such as injections. Plus, each cotton ball has a unique smoothness which increases comfort for the patient.
  • MULTI-USE COTTON BALLS: Cotton balls have a variety of purposes such as being used as nail polish remover or for crafting projects. Plus, they are perfect for removing ink marks or dirt from the skin; just add water!
  • NON-STERILE AND PACKAGED IN BAGS: These cotton balls are non-sterile and are shipped in a bag of 1000. Thanks to the way they are packaged, you can easily distribute them by the handful from room to room depending on your preference.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY: The Dynarex Cotton Balls are made from high-quality, absorbent cotton which provides a soft and comfortable experience. You never have to worry about these cotton balls leaving rashes on the skin thanks to the unique blend of materials.

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