Dukal White Cotton Roll. Roll of Non-sterile Cotton for Wound Care. Soft and Absorbent, 100% Cotton. Re-sealable Drawstring polybag. White, Single use

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Non-sterile medical cotton rolls are appropriate for wound treatment, cleaning, prepping, applying creams and ointments. Perfect for skin prepping, wound cleansing, removing makeup, ideal for beauty, personal care, household uses and a wide variety of arts and crafts.
Effective and very affordable. They're safe for all skin types and are extra absorbent.
Soft 100% cotton offers maximum absorbency. Our high quality applicators will meet every medical professional's needs
Assist medical staff in administering general wound care.
Help to spread ointments and mix medications. Hypoallergenic and not made with natural rubber latex.
Extra gentle to the skin and avoids latex allergies.

  • NON-STERILE COTTON ROLLS: White cotton rolls are ideal for applying first aid creams and ointments. They are non-sterile, and are made from 100% natural cotton. Come in a re-sealable drawstring polybags for convenience. 1 roll per bag.
  • EASY TO TEAR: These soft cotton rolls are easy to unwind and offer a wide range of uses. Short fibers make them easy to tear. 100% cotton provides maximum absorbency and uniform consistency. Designed to be softer and more absorbent than synthetics.
  • SOFT COTTON: Natural cotton rolls are an excellent way to add extra absorbency and provide wound care. Their super absorbent quality and soft texture make them work excellently well for wound treatment. Not made with natural rubber latex.
  • EASY TO USE & ECONOMICAL: These medical cotton rolls offer an ease of use when you need fast effect. Just follow several steps and you will get a quick and high-quality result. Our absorbent cotton rolls are a great cost effective option that can be used on a daily basis in different medical facilities.
  • APPLICATION: Prepping cotton rolls are disposable medical supplies commonly used in medicine and surgery. Single use cotton rolls are made from 100% pure cotton and are ideal for medical use, including cleaning cuts and scrapes, as well as applying creams and ointments.

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