DenTek Canker Relief Sore Patch Relieves Canker Pain, 6 Count (Pack of 1)

Sale price$13.49


  • DenTek Canker Relief Advanced Canker Sore Patches help provide relief from canker sore pain and help protect from irritants while promoting healing
  • Clinically tested to reduce canker sore pain and help relieve the pain from small oral wounds and irritation from braces and oral ulcers
  • Flexible and ultrathin patches contain Vitamin E and help provide comfort
  • Easy to use – just apply the patch to a sore/wound, hold it in place and the patch will adhere
  • Contains 1 box of DenTek Canker Relief Canker Sore Patch, 6 count
  • FSA- and HSA-eligible products in the U.S.

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