2Toms Skin-On-Skin Hydrogel Circles for Blisters, Chafing, Stings, Irritations, and Skin Pain Relief, 48 3-inch circles

Size and shape: 3-inch circles (Pack of 1)
Sale price$35.99


  • ✶LONG-LASTING BLISTER RELIEF & PROTECTION – 2Toms Skin-on-Skin Circles prevents and protects against blisters, hot spots, chafing, minor dermal abrasions, friction, scrapes, rashes, cuts and burns, stings and insect bites, raw spots, rubbing, skin irritations, hand tears, poison ivy, etc.
  • ✶HYDRATES & SOOTHES SKIN INSTANTLY – These blister pads incorporate advanced hydrogel made of pure water to provide long-lasting skin protection. Not meant to be used on broken skin or wounds.
  • ✶SOFT, MOIST MICRO-MESH CUSHIONS – Skin-on-Skin Circle pads contain durable micro-mesh for long-lasting support. The hydrogel alleviates pain and aids in the healing process on contact. Designed for single-use only.
  • ✶MADE IN U.S.A.

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